What is the difference between “Living Area” & “Gross Square Feet”?

By: Shawntel L. Techaira, Rental REALTOR®

Answer :

Gross Sq Ft is also referred to as Gross Area.
Gross Area:

  • The total floor area of a building, excluding any floor area not fully enclosed by walls.
  • Measured from outside of building.
  • Includes “unlivable” areas like closets, cabinets, stairways”, etc.
  • Does NOT include carports, terraces, or garages.

Living Area:

  • The total floor area of building as measured from inside each room.
  • Does NOT include “unlivable” areas like closets, cabinets, stairwells, etc.

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Insider Tip: You should mainly be concerned with Living Area. Also, remember to refer to the photos as well, as photos often give a good indication of the Guam Rental size.
Fannie Mae selling guide dated 4/12/02. Section 405.06. ; Section 405.06 – Gross Living Area

Shawntel L. Techaira, Rental REALTOR®

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