Do your Listings have every Rental on Guam?

Every REALTOR® on Guam has access to the same Rental Listing System (called the Guam MLS). And since we are members of the Association, we can take you to see all of the Listings in the Guam MLS. There are … more »

If I stay off-base, can my child still attend DOD schools?

Yes. DOD-Guam schools’ mandate is to provide schooling to all active military (and even contractor) dependents, regardless of whether they live on or off-base. Rental Guam As long as you have Orders to a base, your children are able to … more »

When can you do ‘Rental Showings’?

We do Rental Showings, 7-days a week. We understand that many people can only do weekend showings, and so we accommodate your schedule on Saturdays & Sundays as well. Our Hours for showing are also flexible, so best to talk … more »

Can I go with other Realty Agents (besides you)?

Most definitely! It is your choice as a consumer to go with any Guam REALTOR® you desire. Please be e aware of the following: On Guam, every REALTOR® falls under the same Association (we all work together). Every REALTOR® has … more »

Are Your Services Free?

Yes, our services are free for all renters.Here’s how it works: houses for rent in Guam We help you find available Rentals to go see. We pick you up (or meet you) to take you to see your selected Rentals. … more »

Are you able to service Section 8 Renters?

Yes, we are here to serve everyone! Both Section 8, and non-section 8 renters all have to abide by the same requirements: Landlords may require the 1st month’s rent in advance. Landlords may require a Security Deposit (usually equivalent to … more »

What is the difference between “Living Area” & “Gross Square Feet”?

Gross Sq Ft is also referred to as Gross Area. Gross Area: The total floor area of a building, excluding any floor area not fully enclosed by walls. Measured from outside of building. Includes “unlivable” areas like closets, cabinets, stairways”, … more »

How does military rental pay work in Guam? (BAH vs. OHA)

I get this question a lot from stateside military renters getting stationed in Guam. The most important thing to understand is that military rental payments are different on Guam. Mainland USA uses BAH In the Mainland US, military uses BAH, … more »

Bringing Pets to Guam

30-Day Quarantine — The Details Private kennels: There are no government quarantine areas on Guam, so pets must be kept in a private kennel. You must have a reservation with a government-approved kennel before shipping your pet to Guam. Currently, … more »

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